Azar Video Chat Site

Azar Video Chat Site

Azar Video Chat Site
Azar Video Chat Site

Thanks to advancing technology, a new chat site emerges almost every day. Recently, we have heard that video chat sites that we hear frequently are growing rapidly and users are busy. With Azar practice, you can chat with people you choose from the people in the farthest corner of the world. You can download Azar, a free application, to your phone, IPad and high-end device.

The application allows you to chat live with people in different parts of the world like you when your phone is switched on. You can only use the front camera in the Azar video chat application, which is an Android app. On this side you can see the other side easily. If your screen is open, you can drag your screen to map new contacts from right to left. Enjoy chatting with people from millions of new and foreign countries.

To use the app, you first need to create a new membership with your email address. Log in by entering your own information with the membership you created and wait for the application to load. After the Race application is loaded, click on the buttons at the top. After your front camera is turned on, drag the screen from right to left. In this regard, get a chance to meet new people.

Gemstone in Azar:

When you drag the screen you will see a new person. If you want to change that person you see, you have to wait at least 5 seconds to drag from right to left again. If you see with your opponent for 5 seconds, you can change this person by dragging the screen from left to right, you can move to the other person. At the same time, if you see another person for 10 seconds, you can click on the similar button on the upper right to indicate that you like it. If you are speaking to you in the same way, you may be a precious stone owner. The more you like, the more likely you are to own a precious stone. You must possess a precious stone to choose your gender and region. If you want to quickly become a precious stone owner, you can buy precious stones for a certain fee.

Azar Video Chat Site
Azar Video Chat Site

There is no problem with gender and region selection in the membership options that you use for the application. For this reason, it is expected that the options of paid membership and VIP membership will be evaluated. You will be pleased with the video chat application and chat with Azar, who will challenge you to get results. You may encounter billions of matching and other options to experience a different chat experience. Thanks to membership, Azar video chat, which has many advantages, makes special matches to find the right people and add them to your friend’s list. So you can sign up for a paid subscription to find unlimited video calls and options to add to your friend’s list.


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