Blocking Status from WhatsApp

Blocking Status from WhatsApp

Blocking Status from WhatsApp
Blocking Status from WhatsApp

Do you think you are blocked by your friend from WhatsApp? We need to make this happen. Now I will tell you how to do it for iPhone and Android. We need a few follow-ups to see if you are disabled. We recommend that you do not act quickly for some reason, as it may be away from the phone of the person. I will briefly explain to you how this problem will be solved.

   Let’s look at the last time your friend was seen:

It is one of the markings of your blockage by your friend, but it does not mean anything by itself. We may not be able to see your person because they can change their privacy settings and may disable WhatsApp’s last feature.

    Let’s look at the online status of your friend:

You can not store your friend’s online status in WhatsApp. The application does not allow users to be invisible at all. The latina may have concealed your situation before sharing it. If your guide is very often using WhatsApp and you can not see it online for a while, you may be blocked by your friend.

Your friend’s profile picture updates:

Some WhatsApp users change profile pictures very often. If your contacts are one of these, you can check the profile picture. If you do not see any updates in your profile picture, you mean you have eaten an obstacle. Also, if you do not see the WhatsApp profile picture at all, then you are blocked.

   Try sending a Message to Your Friend’s Messages:

Now your friend should send a message and follow the reading signs. If your messages have only one reading mark once, it is likely that you are blocked. If you have a message that the person has not reached a day wait a bit. The internet could also be closed. If the internet is open but the message that is still going is a single click, you are a disabled person. Get well soon.

Blocking Status from WhatsApp
Blocking Status from WhatsApp

 Your Friend Send a Call:

Now this is the last step for you. If your friend sends a call via WhatsApp, if your call is not working at all, your connection has blocked you. In the meantime, you have to make sure your friend’s internet is open.

You should also see if you can see what you have shared. Sometimes they may not look at your situation without disability. Let me think a little positive. Your friend may have turned off WhatsApp for a short time. He may have lost your phone. The line may be blocked. Do not always look at the negative side.


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