Short Facts About Twitter

Short Facts About Twitter

Short Facts About Twitter
Short Facts About Twitter

There is a new micro blogging site Twitter news on social media! Twitter will present a News tab to its users as if it were on Google. That’s why Twitter users will be immediately aware of the news from the “Trending News” section. This will help both to reduce unnecessary news sharing and to ensure that the news on Twitter is reliable. The filter of the new news system that Twitter is working on will only be approved users. Thus, spam news spreading through the popular micro blog site is also expected to be avoided.

 Twitter news:

Twitter has turned this new feature into the use of Japan and the United States users, including Android and iOS devices. It is not clear yet that Twitter is aiming to present this feature globally and offer users better. With this new feature, it’s not wise for users to be able to provide better quality information, but accounts that Google News is willing to report, such as spam and click-through. In the coming days, we’ll see together that a new global twitter tab is customized with a globally customized solution, tailored to Twitter with a version of Google News.

   Twitter birthday feature came:

Twitter, one of the world’s largest microblogs, has added a new addition to its profile features. Twitter, working on more personal information, can add birthdays to their profiles. Now you can write your date of birth on your profile. To add your date of birth to your profile, simply enter the profile and press the “edit profile” button. You will see the Birthday feature under the Bio section. Once added, you can add your birth date to your profile by pressing OK.

Twitter took a big step towards “big data”. Nowadays, commercials are becoming more and more popular, and internet advertising has begun to overcome traditional advertising methods, and Twitter, which does not want to miss the big data train, is beginning to demand more personal information. users. The first step is to bring your birthday addition feature; Twitter will open up space for personal information, such as what you’ll look at in the near future

Short Facts About Twitter
Short Facts About Twitter

DM Limit on Twitter:

With a 140character revolution, Twitter offers us the concept of microblogging, slowly starting to expand the 140-character limit. According to a rumor argued and confirmed in the Twitter development forum, the character limit is removed in private messages. The microblog we have saved the world with 140 characters, will remove the character limit on Twitter, private messages. Twitter, which also evaluates the private messages in the Tweet categories, will remove this limit. Now we can write many messages in one message.


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