Fake Name on Facebook

Fake Name on Facebook

Fake Name on Facebook
Fake Name on Facebook

You can use everything on Facebook but this has consequences. If you use someone else’s name and pictures for a fake account, we definitely do not recommend it. However, a random fake name is more obvious than the impersonation process. You can use these fake names, but you can face many problems. If Facebook finds a Fake account, it will ask you to verify your identity.

If you use a fake name on Facebook, you will never be able to do it. If you’re creating a fake account and you do not want to face legal fees, we recommend this guide for you. There are important details about avoiding legal punishment. If you’ve seen fraudulent initiatives with fake accounts, you can always report it to the police.

    Fake account usage on Facebook:

As explained above, yes you can do it legally (with a random name), but you can not do it if you apply to Facebook’s terms. It will violate the terms of Facebook with fake names and this social network will always be banned. We recommend that your Facebook account look real. This will give your account a chance to survive longer.

    Personal account losses:

Fake Name on Facebook
Fake Name on Facebook

If you use the same IP as your fake account and your actual account, your actual account may be damaged. Both accounts can be permanently or temporarily closed. Facebook may ask you to verify your identity for both accounts. Sometimes Facebook may ask for an ID card for these situations. If your account has been temporarily closed, you can withdraw your actual account. If you can not verify your identity for a fake account, you will lose it. If the staff decides to permanently close your account, unfortunately you will no longer have this account. You will need to register with the website once more.


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